Caden's Tale - Chapter 2

Entry 1

It’s funny how things work out. Funny not haha but strange or even disastrous. We screwed up and now we are trying to fix it. The painting ended up be the cipher for the diary, and now it’s in the hands of Grandpa Fox. And he knows we are looking for it. I thought a night off in Vegas would have been a nice thing. Take our minds off the crap we’ve been dealing with. Nope. Instead we got had with a fake. And for once in my life I lost control. I never understood the appeal of getting drunk. Yeah, I’ve seen my fair share of people going too far doing a champagne brunch or a get together but I always found those people to be excusably uncouth. I still do, and now I’ve been there too. Never again.

That lead to a fight with Jada. I realized that I was turning into that guy. The power man who leaves his trophy wife at home while he lives like a king. I never wanted to be that and yet life has swung me that way. Sargent doesn’t understand why I keep bringing her everywhere. I guess I understand. It’s dangerous for her and bring her puts her into the line of fire. But not bringing her chips away at a thin line of trust and love that we have been building since we were married. I wonder what it would have been like if we dated. Got to meet under normal circumstances. Would she have been more okay with me doing what I need to? In the end, I told her. I felt like it was a now or never moment. Neither option was good, and I feel like I made a selfish choice, but it was either that or lose someone I’ve been trying to know for the last few years that is supposed to be with me forever.

Speaking of forever, I’ve seen what happens to most of us. Dead by enemies, forgotten by parents or denied by fate. Those that make it though, are they friends forever? Do the people who struggle with trials and tribulations stay associated once they reach the end? I’ve considered this with Staci and Sargent. Seeing how her friend turned on her got me thinking. Are they going to be enemies forever? Even now, we are on our way to a safehouse of Grandpa Fox. I know it more than likely going to be a trap but what can we do? If we survive this, how will I feel if one of them dies?

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Caden's Tale - Chapter 2

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