Caden's Tale - Chapter 1

Entry 1

I’m starting a new journal. Considering how much my life has changed in these last few day, I figured starting something new would be appropriate. Where to start? I guess I’ll start by saying that I met my dad. The guy showed up in the crown of the Statue of Liberty when I took Jana there. Apparently I not only have royal blood in me, but I am the child of a god. I guess according to some rules the gods had to follow, he couldn’t be around me. Whatever. I threw my phone at him and yell for a while. Blamed him for mom’s death and abandoning me. I shouldn’t have thrown my phone at him, it isn’t worth the price of it. Not to mention he has her soul in his pocket. I wouldn’t have believed it if he didn’t stop time. I figured I was going crazy till I took and touched these things he gave me. Maybe I am going crazy, I don’t know.

Anyways, I had to hire new security. Monsters are real, other gods are real, and they don’t like me much. The head of the detail is the kid of Uncle Sam. Mister America I want you for the U.S. Army guy. Kinda loud and not super bright, but he knows his stuff and that’s all I really care about. Besides, I can tell he dedicated to his job and that’s good.

Met another one too. From what I can tell, after a few hints, she’s the daughter of Hel, Norse goddess of the underworld. Kind of a patronizing bitch. Once again, whatever. Most of the people I know are like that. It seems that being god-like doesn’t change that. We all got wrangled into protect some important kid who will change the world as long as no one snags him. That his role in some upcoming war is pivotal. I am not babysitting a 10 year old but I can’t let him be taken, killed or anything like that.

Finally, I had my hands on the golden fleece. You know, Jason and the Argonauts. Brought it Hekate, Greek goddess of magic. It’s amazing how much of their lives are on the internet. That doesn’t bother me. Hel chick killing three, admittedly murderous, god kids like us does. I know that’s her thing and that’s fine. But not telling me at least shows a lack of trustworthiness.

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s what it is.

Entry 2

Until recently, I never thought about religion. I figured money was god because those who had it ruled everything. In the last few days I’ve come to learn that even the gods had gods. Unlike the gods everyone knows about, they are concepts of reality. From what I understand these overgods created the rules of reality. Destruction is one such god. No weird name, no obscure title, it is literally destruction in a body. From there, the titans we created to make creation. Heaven and Earth, Land and Sea, all the titans formed the world. These titans are primal, like forces of nature. Their children is the gods. And we are the last in the line of the inheritors of the earth. So as the children of the gods, we are supposed to fight the titans from reclaiming the toys in the sandbox the overgods gave them.

We were attacked by a giant when we were leaving Vermont. The thing killed my pilot and tried to trap us on the plane. I didn’t fall for it, neither did Sergeant Westin. Him and his men were on it. What should have been an easy takedown ended up taking his men almost a whole clip to put him down. It even took a swing and knocked the Sergeant back. I think a normal guy would have folded like an envelope. I wanted to question it but it went out like a spy.

I felt so powerless. Jana was there and I couldn’t do a thing to protect her. In that moment I realized two things. First, the level of danger she is in all the time because of me isn’t fair to her. She already is in a situation not of her doing being married to me. Being a target, or worse a bystander, in this fight is unfair to say the least. Second, I can’t just watch as others fight my battles for me. I know the Sergeant and Stacy can fight, but I’m apart of this too. And if I can’t pull my weight in a fight, I’m no better to them as Jana is to me. It’s unacceptable.

Especially with Loki going after the kid. We decided to drop him off at the school where Stacy got trained. In the three days there, I learned about the other pantheons and the gods, including a basic understanding of what they do and what they are known for. Unsurprisingly, there isn’t much in the way about my dad and our family. I guess that means we can write our own history. I also learned that there is another like me. The Atlanteans were another group of gods lost to time. But unlike us who were taken out by competitor pantheons, the Atlanteans were lost to a titan, a horror titan or something like that. If they do have a scion like me out there, than finding them and taking them with us could me the revival of both groups. Power in numbers.

Entry 3

When I was at that school, my father gave me something. Not directly, it was delivered by a white stag, an animal pateron of his. I like to think he was checking up on me through him. I guess it makes me feel like he cares. Or that he’s trying. Anyways, the map had a point on it in Nigeria. After asking about the Atlantean, I was hoping it was a map to them. What must it be like for others in my spot? Staci and the Sergeant both have large families that have numerous children to call on. Neither are alone in their pursuit for godhood, though the little I read about Hel, Staci may not be well received. But to meet someone whose whole family’s future rest on their shoulders? That the fate of the gods themselves is in the hands of a flawed human, just like me. Turns out, instead of meeting whom fate screwed over, I met fate themselves, or at least the Loa aspect of them. I could go on about the squalor she/they lived in, the stench that wafted from her kitchen, or the complete dirtiness of her home, but I know it was for show. Fate is a close to an overgod as all the others. It just chose this place for what we had to do.

She “cooked” me an elixir. Despite the hesitation from Sergeant Westin, I downed it and was treated to a psychedelic death trip wrapped in a book made from stars containing keys. Strangely, it wasn’t all metaphor as the book actually existed and was gifted to me by fate. Inside laid a riddle and a map of Japan, complete with a picture of a forest. When I read about them, the gods of the rising sun were big on respect and tradition. So when we arrived, I had us made a beeline to the largest shinto shrine in the country. Our tour guide was a scion himself. Ever see those Japanese movies or music videos when the guys try to act cool? He was like that. But unlike those guys, he’s a god child so I guess he has some right to be that way. After the shrine trip, we made our way to the death forest.

This forest hosts hundreds of suicides each year, giving it a dark energy. Not to mention the legends of ghosts and demons, we were in for a fun night. Sergeant Westin was insistent that I wore my armor, even though if my visions were to be believed, it would do nothing against the touch of Death himself. Or herself as we found out. Fun fact: Death has a sweet tooth. We found another god child in the forest who was fated to meet us. Got as much of an intro as I did. I think she’s some sort of latin. So after obtaining Death’s necklace, we invited Mister Cool Guide and lady traveller with us. Survivability in numbers.

Entry 4

I think I may have misunderstood what this life means on some levels. With our next stop being the Bermuda Triangle, I wanted to make sure that we did all we could to appease the gods of the region, especially since the book talked about monsters. In this, we were guided to two other scions. In meeting them, I’ve started to realized that the kids I met before were lucky, blessed as it were. Is it better to have your parent show up to a few seconds and stay distant, or the be lavished only to be rejected or forgotten? Both people I found seemed to be the later.

The first was a simple man living in the bayou of Louisiana. The child of a death god who like to reanimate the dead. Despite this, he’s a pretty happy guy. He’s also simple, and I’m not talking about lifestyle. Because of that, his parent has pretty much left him to his own devices. Told him we would never be able to ascend. I didn’t know that was possible. In that moment, we decided to be his friend. One aspect is the ability to have a person in the voodoo who we can communicate with, someone who is on the inside. The Sergeant is going to be giving him bodies cause he wants them and we need to hide them, I guess. The other part though is it made me sad and mad. The gods are not perfect, yet they feel like they can judge their children without giving them the option to do something? To fit a niche?

The next was an Aztec child who is a full time dealer in Florida. Divine blood and he lives in a crackhouse. His parent and him seem to have an antagonistic relationship. And after the initial meeting, once we both felt each other out for deception and the like, he reacted like no one else deals with him. Abandoned by other children. As if fate decided there was nothing in store for him. How many more are like this or the bayou necromancer? Perhaps we can give them the home their parents can’t.

Entry 5

I hate lying to Jana. She deserves better, but right now I can’t give that to her. What felt like a couple of days ended up being 5 months. What could I do to assure her I was fine, but not reveal what happened? I can’t wait for the day when I can tell her, when I could defend her. Till then, I guess I have to do what I have to do to insure her safety. Would she believe me? Would she believe in mermaids, abandoned goddesses locked away and the power of the over gods? That fate has consigned us to keep the world on track? I know the truth, and it would do more damage now than good.

After my last entry about how they treat their kids, seeing her on the island continues to paint a cruel picture of the carelessness they purport to. Do we have to be perfect to not gain the wrath of the divine? Obviously not or else Vegas would have been different. Those kids wouldn’t be they way they were. Then again, their parents haven’t come calling. Not vengeance that I can see, no call to arms against us. There hasn’t even been a waggle of a finger and a tsk. Do we mean so little that our deaths don’t even blip on their radar? I wonder if it will be the same for me if I fail.

Instead of failing, we not only found and gained favor from one of the over gods, but we met her brother(?). They are noticing us now, and I’m scared. The ancient people did their best not to gain the attention of the gods directly. Gave sacrifices to appease the gods in an effort to dissuade them from caring. Do the gods do the same things? Should we do the same? By the time we got home, I felt something shift within me, more powerful I guess. I only hope this doesn’t mean fate believes it can do more against us. I don’t think I’m ready.

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Caden's Tale - Chapter 1

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